gain1 [gān]
[ME < OFr gaaigne < gaaignier: see GAIN1 the vt.]
1. an increase; addition; specif.,
a) [often pl.] an increase in wealth, earnings, etc.; profit; winnings
b) an increase in advantage; advantage; improvement
2. the act of getting something; acquisition; accumulation
3. Electronics
a) an increase in signal strength when transmitted from one point to another: often expressed in decibels
b) the ratio of the output current, voltage, or power of an amplifier, receiver, etc. to the respective input
[ME gainen, to profit, be of use < OFr gaaignier < Frank * waidanjan, to work, earn, akin to OHG weidenen, to pasture < weide, pasture < IE * witi-, a hunting after < base * wei-, to go, hunt > L via, way, vis, strength]
1. to get by labor; earn [to gain a livelihood]
a) to get by effort or merit, as in competition; win
b) to cause to be directed toward oneself or itself; attract [to gain one's interest]
3. to get as an increase, addition, profit, or advantage [to gain ten pounds]
4. to make an increase in [to gain speed]
5. to go faster by [my watch gained two minutes]
6. to get to; arrive at; reach
1. to make progress; improve or advance, as in health, business, etc.
2. to acquire wealth or profit
3. to increase in weight; become heavier
4. to be fast; said of a clock, etc.
gain on
1. to draw nearer to (an opponent in a race, etc.)
2. to make more progress than (a competitor)
gain over
to win over to one's side
☆ gain2 [gān ]
[< ?]
Carpentry a groove or mortise, as in a piece of wood, into which another piece can be fitted

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